The Learning Center: Program Overview

Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers

Holy Family Manor Pittsburgh - LearningCenter - Infants and Toddlers

Our creative curriculum uses group activities and play to establish and promote learning and provide opportunities for the social development of children.

Teachers are familiar with developmental standards and are trained in best practices and techniques for interacting with these young children.

Older toddlers do have some periods of structured circle times and work on specific academic themes like colors, counting, shape identification and story time, along with art and music activities. The two year olds also work on the all important developmental area of potty-training!

Pre-School Curriculum

Holy Family Manor Pittsburgh - Learning Center - Pre-School

  • Our creative curriculum follows the choice-based center theory of the Pennsylvania Keystone Stars program.
  • Each classroom has 7 centers which focus on a basic theme. The children learn by choosing one of these centers and interacting with fellow students and the teacher in that center.
  • The children also engage in circle times with themes of language, music, art, math, reading readiness and science.
  • Computer learning and the development of gross motor skills are part of the regular curriculum.

Pre-K 3 and 4 students engage in many activities during this developmental time to adequately prepare them for their kindergarten and elementary school years.

Summer Camp

Holy Family Manor Pittsburgh - Learning Center - SummerEach year the Center conducts an 8 week summer program which includes indoor and outdoor play activities, art activities, guest thematic programs and swimming at Bellevue pool. The program begins in mid-June and runs until the beginning of August. While the program is less academically structured than the academic year, the Center provides a fun and safe environment where old fellow students and some new ones meet and enjoy their summer days.
A minimum of two days attendance is required.

Registration Program Eligibility

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